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The Emerald Feng Shui Institute

The Emerald Feng Shui Institute is advancing the art of Feng Shui as a way of life, bringing empowerment to the people through sharing and cultivating Feng Shui as a mode of designing and living at all levels.

Embrace The Moon school for Taijiquan and Qigong

Perhaps the Internal Arts will be a vehicle for you as they are for me. It is a good time to see if they are. Our lives, our culture, our world needs for us to at least try to find a way to hear the whispers. These practices as I know them are excellent tools, sharp and skillful methods for turning down the noise. Perhaps it will not happen right away. But do not give up. Keep listening. Keep practicing. - Kim Ivy

The I Ching Institute

The I Ching Institute's new discoveries include a totally new understanding of the way the healthy psyche functions in the service of the wholeness of the individual. They discovered as well, how the false use of language causes the psyche to be disturbed, and how, through the correction of language and thought, that wholeness can be restored. They found, coincidentally, that this restoration also heals the body.

Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong

Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong is s system of moving and non-moving meditations. Although it appears to be similar to the traditional forms of Chinese qigong and gives all the benefits of traditional qigong such as healing and the strengthening and balancing of the mind and body, it is much more than that. The postures and movements of Wuji Yuan Gong have messages and mental images which are contemplated as they are being practiced. When practiced diligently and with sincerity, from within, one begins to find answers to the deepest questions in life.

Far from just being a practice that enhances one's health Wuji Yuan Gong then also becomes a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness.

In time, it brings one to the experience of one's original nature, which is Love.

Way Of The Rainbow

The Way Of The Rainbow is a holistic medicine, weaving together ancient shamanic practices with universal wisdom. You don't have to travel to the Amazon or Himalaya to access the infinite medicine within your own heart. Our Urban Shamanism clinics support you to restore balance and harmony to your life and environment too. Their aim is for you to discover your unlimited joy and power.

Over time, every aspect of you and your life becomes unified. Like the seven arcs of a rainbow, you blend all that you are to become the brightest light you have really been all along

Fortunate Blessings Foundation

The Fortunate Blessings Foundation is an organization dedicated to innovative education for well-being by promoting wholeness and vitality through dietary and lifestyle practices, for harmonious and ecologically viable human living and working environments and public spaces, and on a global level to providing trauma relief following natural disasters.

Power Of The Rainbow

Power of the Rainbow has the most complete selection of crystals, gems and minerals in the Fort Worth area.

We also offer many events and classes for a variety of interests, including Crystal Healing Workshops.

A Being at Ease

Flow helps the body release tension caused from past and current stressors allowing greater health, harmony and well-being at a physical, mental, and emotional level.